We provide SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY and resources for children of all ability levels


We provide speech and language therapy for children of all ability levels



Susana is a bilingual Licensed Pediatric  Speech-Language Pathologist residing in Miami, Florida.  Susana received her  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the  University of Miami and her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Nova Southeastern University where she graduated with honors.  Susana  has extensive experience working with a variety of speech, language and feeding disorders/delays in diverse settings.


Susana has obtained the following certifications:


Maggie is a bilingual Licensed Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist residing in Miami, Florida.  Maggie received her Bachelor of science in Biology, Communication Sciences and Deaf Education at Florida International University and her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Nova Southeastern University where she graduated with the highest honors.  Maggie has extensive experience working with a variety of speech, language and feeding disorders/delays in schools, private practices, in-patient and out-patient hospitals.


Maggie has obtained the following certifications:


Receptive & Expressive
Language Disorders

Speech &
Sound Disorders

Communication Disorders

Feeding Disorders


OAK Therapy strives to empower parents and caregivers to be active participants in the development of the overall communication skills of their children. 


Melanie Murias
Melanie Murias
This is a prime example of what happens when people genuinely love what they do AND they’re amazing at it. I feel so lucky to have found this place, best place to go for speech therapy!
Grace Otero
Grace Otero
We have been coming to OAK Therapy for 1 month and my son has finally started talking and expressing himself. Everyone has noticed a big change since the first week. I love that they let us sit in during the sessions to see how they interact and then provide tips to use at home. Valerie is super sweet, fun, knowledgable and with lots of patience. I am so happy to have found OAK Therapy.
L'Baton Skin Care
L'Baton Skin Care
A place full of professionalisms, experience and good energy. Recommended!!
Orange Dot
Orange Dot
Simone Whyte
Simone Whyte
Ms.Susie is an AHH-MAY-ZINGGG speech therapist ! She is very professional and knowledgable in her job. My daughter has been making emaculate progress since her first session with Susie. Ms.Susie makes her sessions very fun and keeps my daughter engaged. My daughter LOVES therapy with Ms.Susie and enjoys herself so much that she doesnt even realize that she is learning. I love when Ms.Susie sends me recordings of the sessions and I see how happy my daughter is and the progress she is making. Even on our off days, my daughter is asking for Ms.Susie. 🤣 I would recommend Ms.Susie to ANY and EVERYONE. She is a true gem and has been a blessing to my family and I.
Maria Zambrano Graterol
Maria Zambrano Graterol
Love Oak Therapy! We had been searching for speech therapy for our son for months and we never got a good feeling from other companies. Then one day, we were recommended by a friend to reach out to Oak Therapy and we loved it!! My son’s initial evaluation was performed by Susi and she was absolutely lovely. Then our therapy sessions were scheduled and Maggie was assigned to our son. We were a bit skeptical since we had never seen reviews for Maggie but WOW! Maggie is AMAZING!!! In just a few sessions we have seen a lot of progress. She takes the time to explain in detail each activity they work on and she records videos for us to replicate the work at home. My son has a BLAST, he has fun & he loves going to Oak therapy ! The only down side is that he keeps asking me to go see Maggie everyday 😅. Love Oak therapy!
Emily Calvo
Emily Calvo
We are incredibly happy we found Susy! After searching and contacting several professionals in the field (for months!!), we finally felt we found the one that could help us and we were not wrong! Susy has been super helpful and resourceful. She is sweet, caring, professional, and very passionate about her job. Highly recommend!!!!
Isabela Morales
Isabela Morales
Susi is an amazing therapist and professional. It is hard to put into words just how much she has done for our family. She is devoted, knowledgeable, kind and fun! When my son first started therapy with her, he spoke little to no words. In a few months he started saying words and now he is speaking in sentences. Susi is committed to each patient and gives each one the time, strategies and tools they need to thrive. Every session she has a plan and she gives feedback so that at home we can continue to work on his progress. She is loving and always has a smile on her face. One of the things that makes Susi special is how much she continues to educate herself on the latest information regarding anything that has to do with her field. She is always completing certifications and courses and is willing to share with us parents all of that knowledge. We love Susi and truly appreciate her hard work and dedication to our son. Every time we hear his voice, it is music to our ears! Thank You Susi for all you do!
Lara Levi Lauria
Lara Levi Lauria
Susie is an excellent therapist and regularly demonstrates patience, kindness, and persistence. After her evaluation we implemented her recommended strategies and our daughter achieved her goals in precisely the amount of time Susie anticipated. She regularly updated us on our daughter’s progress and gave us concrete strategies to implement at home. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and Susie’s overall support.
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez
We are very happy with Susana and the services offered by Oak therapy. Not only does our son gets great quality therapies, but we as parents, also benefit from her experience and guidance!! Thank you for all the hard work and passion you put into your work.


Unfortunately, we do not take insurance at this time. OAK Therapy LLC is  private-pay only and does not work with any private or government funded insurance plans.


We do provide a superbill for families to request out-of-network reimbursement. Provision of a superbill does not guarantee reimbursement, please check with your insurance provider prior to scheduling your sessions. Click here to obtain some information your insurance might ask you for.

Yes, OAK Therapy LLC is affiliated with Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA; formerly known as Gardiner Scholarship).Depending on your child’s needs/diagnosis you could qualify for monetary support towards your child’s therapeutic needs. Click here to apply or learn more information about this grant. 

Estimating therapy duration is a complex task. A variety of factors will contribute to your child’s progress (i.e., parent involvement, carrying strategies into the home environment, regular attendance, patient’s motivation, patient’s health/sleep, and many others). Your therapist will recommend the therapy frequency and duration for a six-month period. Your therapist will monitor your child’s progress on a weekly basis. Based on the scores from the re-evaluation and clinical observations, your therapist will recommend a new therapy frequency/duration, if needed.

Sessions can be scheduled from 8:45am – 5:30pm Monday through Fridays. After your initial evaluation, your therapist will offer you multiple therapy days/times that are available at our center. After you decide on the day/time that works best for your family, your therapist will go ahead and book weekly sessions. Therapy times/dates will likely change during school breaks/summer.

OAK Therapy LLC will collect your credit card information using an authorization form and will bill for services weekly. Your information is protected and will only be used for OAK Therapy LLC services. Parents may pay for Consultations, Screenings, Workshops and/or Evaluation services in advance (at least 72 hrs. before the session) through our website. Payments for therapy sessions are solely allowed through our automatic credit card payments. A superbill for services will be provided at the end of the month for you to submit to your insurance provider and/or scholarship. Please let our staff know via email should you need a monthly superbill form.

Yes, OAK Therapy provides therapeutic intensives for those children living abroad that are spending short periods of time in our city and during the summer break for school readiness. Intensive therapy programs are built to support your child’s unique skills, support their overall communication and feeding. During our therapeutic intensives, your child’s skills will be measured prior, during and after our services. A comprehensive evaluation report will be sent 7-10 business days after the intensive.

In order to fully understand your child’s needs, develop a plan of care, and design unique goals for your child, we must perform an evaluation. Comprehensive evaluations provide clinician baseline data. Within 6 months of therapy the clinician will implement re-evaluation and she/he will be able to measure your child’s progress using quantitative and qualitative measures.

It depends, evaluations have an expiration date of 6 months. We will review your previous evaluation and we will let you know if your report contains enough information for us to begin services. Should your report contain enough information, we will accept it and schedule a re-evaluation within six months of the last report. If your child’s evaluation was performed more than six months from the current date, we will perform a new evaluation.

We mostly provide therapeutic services in our office (4950 S Le Jeune Rd Unit E, Coral Gables FL, 33146) and online. However, we do provide occasional sessions in outdoor parks, schools, home and in the community (i.e., ice-cream shops, restaurants, parks, libraries, etc.). School sessions are provided solely in schools within a 5-mile radius of our center. Community sessions are performed to generalize speech language and social skills objectives into activities of daily living.Our goal is to provide your children resources to be as independent as possible.

No, each state and country hold different laws and reciprocity for our professional license. Teletherapy can only be provided in the state of Florida and some countries world-wide (please ask our therapists to see if your country allows reciprocity to the USA Florida license). Consultation/Coaching services can be provided world-wide.


Absolutely! There is a lot of evidence suggesting that parent-led/sibiling-led sessions best support generalization of objectives. Peers and siblings are also welcomed to join our sessions. Please let our staff know beforehand so we can prepare activities for the whole team.


Your Speech Language Pathologist will let you know in the initial evaluation or within 1-3 months of beginning of services if she/he recommends a comprehensive evaluation by a neurologist or developmental pediatrician. A speech language pathologist in the state of Florida cannot diagnose autism/ADHD or any other medical conditions. However, it is our duty to let you know if there are any characteristics associated with such conditions.

Absolutely not. We are not here to “cure”, “heal” or “reverse” autism. Autism is a neurological condition; it is a different way of being human. We refuse to treat autism to hide/mask their autistic characteristics (i.e., hand flapping, use of echolalia, special interests, etc.). Instead, we focus on their STRENGTHS, and we provide them tools to succeed in this super social world.

No, there is no evidence to support that oral motor exercises improve CAS. We may perform oral motor exercises to increase awareness of placement in some CAS clients and in some articulation or patients with dysarthria. At OAK Therapy LLC, we consider oral motor exercises solely helpful for oral awareness, not to increase speech intelligibility.

Our ultimate goal is for your child not to need us. We will do our very best to discharge your child as early as possible. However, our duty is to your child and many variables come into play when it comes to determining prognosis (i.e., their motivation, learning style, attention, regular attendance, parent involvement, generalization of objectives into the home environment.