OAK Therapy created and use a therapeutic methodology called: The OAK method!

During our therapy sessions we focus on creating AFFECTIVE and NURTURING relationships with our patients

while using innovative evidence and play-based functional activities to enhance their overall

communication, speech language and feeding skills!  

We built OAK Therapy using 7 pillars in order to better serve your children:


At OAK Therapy, we provide individualized services for your unique child. OAK Method believes that each child is one-of-a-kind. We refuse to believe the “one size fits all” old school approach. Therefore, therapy duration and length will be individually designed and recommended after the evaluation.


Unlike other therapy centers, schools and outpatient hospitals, your child is not and will not be a productivity number in a spreadsheet. 


We take time to REALLY get to know your child, to design objectives that fit your child and family, and to create a therapeutic relationship that benefits your child. We will follow your child’s interests in order to motivate and give him/her the tools to reach his/her fullest potential. 


As a boutique therapy center, we take pride in holding an open line of communication with parents. In traditional therapy services, staff is often overworked and overbooked leaving very little time to carry on strategies into the home environment. 


At OAK Therapy we believe home is the most important environment to carry on and generalize speech and language goals. Therefore, we pride ourselves in being in constant communication with parents in order to better serve our patients. 


OAK Therapy staff undergoes advanced and ongoing educational training with the whole purpose of fully supporting each diverse child and ensuring one-of-a-kind services.We are trained and constantly enroll in the most internationally well-known providers/resources in order to better serve your children. Enrolling in evidence-based training/certifications allow our staff to obtain a well-rounded education on the many areas of treatment involved in the science of speech language pathology. Click here to learn about some of the training our staff have taken over the years.


We want your children to feel safe, respected and motivated. When children do not feel safe, their automatic physiological reaction is to go into “fight or flight” resulting in crying, avoidance, escaping/eloping, anxiety, etc which ultimately negatively impacts the learning process. Instead, we work hard on making sure your child feels safe, relaxed and ready to learn and make new connections in their developing brains. Teaching through affect means we take time to explore the world as they see it, it means we won’t invade their personal space, instead we let them invite us into their space, it means we follow their lead, it means we work hard on establishing a nurturing dynamic that fosters learning.


We use therapeutic approaches that are supported by scientific evidence. Therapy is not a “quick fix”, we are not here to “cure”, “heal” or “fix” your children. Instead, we are here to give your child the tools to reach his/her fullest potential. We will design reachable goals for your child. We will support your child and give him/her and you the tools to generalize the objectives into the home and school environment. 


Scientific data has shown that parents are the best therapists! At OAK, we welcome parents to join our sessions, we coach them and through our open-line of communication we have them watch live videos of the sessions and/or send them videos after the sessions for them to mimic the therapy strategies in the home environment. 


We firmly believe that energized, well-rested and cared therapists are the BEST therapists!. Our job places high physical, emotional, and cognitive demands on our therapists. Therefore, we protect them, we cherish them and we ensure we avoid burnout. Unlike other therapy centers, schools, and outpatient hospitals we ensure our staff is not overbooked. In our experience, 4-5-hours of direct treatment is our maximum limit in order to maintain happy, well-balanced, and energized therapeutic sessions. Therefore, we ensure our therapists work a maximum of 5-direct hours with children/parents. 


OAK Method begins by providing an in-depth evaluation in order to fully assess the baseline skills of the child. We identify the child’s unique weaknesses but FOCUS our treatment on their strengths in order to ensure we maximize their distinctive abilities and empower them to succeed by reaching their highest potential.


Once the OAK therapist and parent agree on therapy frequency and duration, on-going therapy will begin. In order to ensure we meet the objectives; regular attendance is required. We understand unforeseen situations may arise. However, the OAK Method will solely work through ongoing, and consistent therapeutic sessions.


Every six months, your therapist will perform a re-evaluation, this will be done to analyze progress quantitatively and qualitatively and identify areas of concern and strength. After the re-evaluation, the therapist will adapt the objectives and will inform you the recommended frequency of therapy, if needed.

Yes, OAK Therapy LLC is affiliated with Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA; formerly known as Gardiner Scholarship).Depending on your child’s needs/diagnosis you could qualify for monetary support towards your child’s therapeutic needs. Click here to apply or learn more information about this grant.